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Volunteering Opportunities


We have a 'garden to plate' philosophy and aim to promote healthy eating by using pre-planned, seasonal menus and ingredients, much of which is grown on site.  The benefits to social interaction are far-reaching and sitting down to have lunch together is an integral part of the day.  You will guide a small group of up to four people to create a simple meal for about 20 people.


At Root and Branch we use gardening to help bring about positive changes to people’s lives.  We are always looking for enthusiastic and experienced gardeners to share their skills by working alongside our participants, supporting and encouraging them.


Working in the fresh air and spending time close to nature is good for us all, benefiting our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  You also leave at the end of the session knowing you’ve made a difference to someone.


Just like any other garden, ours needs constant maintenance to keep it looking good.  We regularly undertake projects to make it more accessible and sustainable, so there is always plenty to do and perhaps new skills for you to develop too.


So, all in all, volunteering in the garden at Root & Branch can be a very rewarding experience and we hope you will think about joining us.



As with any building and site, there is always maintenance to be done and ensuring the site is a safe working environment is essential. We have a range of tools available and a long list of jobs that need attention including putting up notice boards, replacing a felt shed roof, putting non-slip paint on steps and repairing raised beds.  We aim to be flexible to your availability. 



Share your skills in woodworking and carpentry, helping our participants to make a range of items as well as build confidence and self esteem.  We have a well-equipped workshop and a green woodworking area. Working safely is essential so Personal Protective Equipment is provided and competencies in the use of machinery will be assessed.  After the morning session has finished, enjoy a homemade lunch!


We have a wide selection of craft opportunities available for you to share your skills.  We have benefited from volunteers skilled in stained glass, felting, ceramics, needlework, painting and much more.


A popular activity in the winter months creating small items such as pokers, paperweights, candlesticks introduces people to new skills and helps build confidence and self-esteem.  We require a qualified blacksmith to run between one and three sessions a week.

Sessions run from 9.30 until 2.15 Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Regular, weekly positions available.  Expenses paid and lunch included!

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